10 Fingers Ink Inspection Services - Your Health & Safety Is My Business!
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The health and safety of you, your family, your home and your business is what my Inspection business is all about! As an Inspector, my specialty is to ensure that the home/business you are living in or are about to purchase is SAFE. As an Inspector, I am trained to inspect for things that the average eye will not see. Whether I am conducting a mold inspection, radon test or a property condition inspection, I'm looking out for anything that may cause you, your family/staff and your home/office harm, as well as educating you about my findings for resolving and/or preventing future problems. I encourage you to follow me along with the inspection and to ask all the questions you may have. But even before we get to the inspection, feel free to call me at 732-547-3930 to ask all the questions you may have right now. Whether you have a musty smell, see something that you believe may be mold, are concerned about possible radon, or have some other concerns about the safety of your home or office, I can help.
Types of Inspections Offered:

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