10 Fingers Ink Inspection Services - Your Health & Safety Is My Business!

"This was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had with a contracted worker. Monica arrived on time and was both personable and professional. I appreciated that she walked me through everything she was doing and was more than willing to answer any and all questions. As promised, the results from the tests that were conducted in my home were received within 1-2 days which allowed me to act quickly to remove the hazard from my home. There is no question that I would gladly recommend Monica to anyone looking for a trustworthy home inspector."
- Ron P. 

"She is excellent and thorough and ethical. She went through our house and checked everywhere. I would recommend her to anyone and will continue working with her until problems are solved."
- Ellen S. 

"Everyone who was at the house during your inspection could not say enough praise about your knowledge and abilities. I really appreciate your thoroughness in pointing out the minor deficiencies and we've made many of those repairs already. We closed without any hitches..."
- Koji M. 

"We did a major renovation and are almost ready to move in. We removed all insulation, sheetrock and old roofing that was damaged and possibly contaminated. We were very happy with your services and would love for you to stop in when I move in within the next few weeks."
- Geri A. 

"Very efficient and professional. You could not ask for more."
- Rocco A. 

"Thank you again for your prompt and efficient services!!"
- Mikal B. 

"Very professional and thorough. I felt confident Monica would do a great job."
- Jessica L.

"Very professional, prepared, thorough, considerate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Monica."
- Judy G.

"Monica M. was professional, courteous, and very helpful and honest. Thank you! I have already recommended you to someone!!!"
- Sharon M. 

"Your services were great. We appreciated your thoroughness, as it was helpful to us as first time home buyers...We also appreciated that you were efficient and timely with the return of the report and the report for the reinspection of seller repairs.  Thank you so much again and we will definitely be in contact for the re-inspection after our closing and the repairs are completed."
- Leslie L.

"Everything turned out fine ultimately. Thanks for staying on top of the remediators. Even though it took longer than I would have liked it was worth it in the long run to get it done right. We really seem to be mold free now. So I'm very glad I separated the inspection from the remediation."
- Judy T. 

"Due to your exquisite work the seller never directly responded to those crucial mold questions (as well as the electrical wiring issue) and instead reiterated how he had other buyers who were willing to purchase the house. So I happily withdrew my offer...Considering how I found the seller's behavior questionable throughout the ordeal, your reports were certainly the exclamation point I needed to slam the door shut. I cannot nor will ever be able to thank you enough for your thoroughness. That being said...I just found out last Friday that my offer at ------ was accepted...I am now in attorney review and of course I'll need an inspection and would love to work with you again."
- Donna W. 

"Thank you once again for your amazing and thorough work. If I need anything from you, I'll be sure to give you a call!"
- Elizabeth G.

"We are very pleased with your job today, thank you for your expertise."
- Angel F.

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